About Our Church

Who We Are                                                                                             

We're a community church. Although many members travel a fair distance to attend, most of our members are from the Thalia community. As the community has grown and flourished, so have we. As the community has grown older, so have we.


Over the years, our church has also been shaped by the many military families in the area. Some service people and their families have retired here; others are still on active duty. Many such families are in transition, and we strive to provide a loving church family to those who are only living in the area for a short term.


Our Sunday morning worship service is fairly traditional. Dress ranges from formal to informal.


Our missions include preparing Thanksgiving baskets; in partnership with Thalia United Methodist Church, hosting 150 children for an annual week-long Vacation Bible School; collecting a monthly Five-Cents-a-Meal Offering for local hunger programs, sponsoring an annual week-long Youth Mission Trip; helping support a church and Women's Center in Kinshasha, Democratic Republic of the Congo.


We're especially proud of our Early Childhood Preschool, which has been serving our community for over thirty-five years.


We're committed to ecumenical partnerships. We hold joint services with Thalia Lynn Baptist Church and Thalia United Methodist Church each year during Lent and at Thanksgiving.