Worship is the time when we celebrate and thank God, sing and listen to music and to God's Word and pray .


The typical worship service has this basic format.

  • Welcome/Annoucements
  • Prelude/Introit (piano/organ music)
  • Call to Worship/Responsive Reading
  • Hymns/Songs
  • Exchange the Peace (greet one another say "Peace of Christ" & respond "Also with you")
  • Prayers (silent and responsive)
  • A Time for Young Disciples (children's sermon)
  • Anthem (sung by a choir or soloist)
  • Scripture Readings
  • Proclamation of the Word (sermon)
  • Affirmation of Faith (Apostles' Creed or other confessional reading)
  • Communion (1st Sunday of the Month and other special occasions). All people who believe or want to believe in Jesus Christ are welcome at our Communion Table.
  • Charge/Postlude

The typical worship service lasts approximately an hour and is followed by fellowship (coffee). Once a month, usually on the last Sunday, we have what we call Fellowship Sunday. There will be a luncheon of some type along with fun activities.