Visitors' FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Who can attend Thalia Trinity Presbyterian Church?
    Everyone is welcome to attend worship services and all other church activities.
  • Is a nursery provided during worship services?
    Yes, a nursery is provided for infants and children up to age 6. Feel free, however, to keep your child of any age with you during the service.

  • What do I wear?
    Dress ranges from formal to informal. Most Sundays you'll see a few ties but few suits.

  • Do I have to stand during the worship service?
    We stand 'as able' at several points during worship. If this is hard for you, please remain seated, as some of our regular worshipers do — you won't be alone. You will not have to kneel.
  • How do I meet members of the congregation?
    - After each worship service, members and visitors are encouraged to exit to the right into the fellowship hall for coffee and conversation. Also, usually on the last Sunday of the month, we have a "Fellowship Sunday" with a lunch and activities following the worship service. 
  • Who can participate in communion?
    - Anyone who believes in Jesus Christ or wants to believe.
  • Is the church handicapped accessible?
    - Yes, there is a ramp for wheelchairs and we have handicapped restrooms.
  • Will I be singled out during the worship service?
    - No, you will not be asked to stand or identify yourself.
  • How can I provide contact information?
    - We ask members and visitors to register their attendance and have a space for visitors to provide contact information if they wish to do so.
  • Will I be asked to make a donation?
    - During each worship service an offering is taken. If you want to contribute, place your donation in the offering plate, if not, simply pass the plate.